Coding Projects

I've attended over a dozen hackathons and entrepreneurship competitions. These are some of my favorite projects! You can check out others on my Github.


Going through candidates' tweets

All 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates

Voter Registration

Website aims to address voter apathy by using the Twitter API to scrape tweets from 2020 presidential candidates and present them to users without partisan bias. Based on whether the user agrees or disagrees with the candidate's tweets, ranks the top three candidates the user seems to support. Won 1st Place Overall at MVHacks 2.0.

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Mindfulness Entry

Entry Welcome

Used IBM Watson natural language processing API to detect emotion from mindful journal entries. The machine learning algorithms referred students to mental health resources if dangerous trends were identified. Won 1st Place Overall at HopperHacks.


iOS app allows teenagers to track and practice environmentally sustainable zero-waste lifestyle habits. Won 1st Place Overall at TeenTechSF Civic Hackathon.